Dual Eligible Medicare Advantage Plans Explained

Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans are Medicare Advantage Plans that can offer additional comprehensive coverage that goes above and beyond Original Medicare. These plans are available for individuals who have both Medicare and Medicaid. 

Many of these plans offer extra benefits, available at no additional cost to those who qualify. Benefits such as care coordination, dental coverage, hearing coverage, vision, transportation to the doctor, over the counter allowances, gym memberships such as Silver Sneakers, and more. The plans add extra healthcare coverage, and other benefits to help increase healthy lifestyles for individuals on Medicare and Medicaid, and lower the chances of sickness and disease. 

Plan benefits vary by state and zip code, but most plans offer benefits such as dental coverage, hearing coverage, vision coverage, prescription drug coverage, over the counter benefits, transportation to and from doctor appointments, gym memberships, telehealth services, care coordination, and much more. These plans can increase your health and wellness without paying anything additional towards your health insurance. 

Who Qualifies For Dual Eligible Plans? 

Individuals of any age who are enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid are eligible for these special dual eligible plans (also called DSNP Medicare Advantage Plans). Many individuals who are on disability and have been receiving social security disability benefits for two years or more, find themselves eligible for Medicare. If these individuals are also enrolled in Medicaid, or a low income subsidy, they would be eligible for a dual eligible Medicare Advantage plan and would be able to claim their comprehensive benefits for no additional cost.

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